About Us

Roadshow Cards is about the people in this beautiful hobby. We are sports card shops, an online store, a team of breakers and a web series dedicated to hearing from the shop owners, the collectors, the man on the street to the woman behind the product design. It's about the stories we hear during trade nights, on message boards and in our LCS's (Local Card Shops) as we traverse through a life of collecting. It's about a young boy dreaming of owning a store one day and grinding his way to that opening day. It's about a lady walking into a shop in Indiana with a letter from the owner of Topps dated "1953". It isn't about the host or the value of the cards, it's about the journey of collecting and the friends and relationships one makes and builds along the way! We invite you to join us and be a part of this community!
We hope you will drop by one of our shops. We are currently open in Lexington (KY), Mansfield (TX), Bronxville (NY) and Sonoma (CA). 



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